I'm a and engineer from 🇵🇱 Poland. Founder of Responsly, an experience management platform.

Karol Koronowicz

I graduated from the Gdansk University of Technology with a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering. I worked on several health care projects. I was a member of a University project called Domestic, and I was developing a platform for children after cleft lip surgery to help them in therapeutic exercises.

I've also been involved in the Open Health Imaging Foundation, which makes an open-source DICOM viewer with open web standards. As product director, I developed a saas health care system for radiology called meddo.

I also have 10+ years of experience in freelance and consulting work. It involved brand development, web design, and interface design.

During my studies, I created a project called interankiety, which became the most popular saas survey service in Poland. Today it has 1000+ happy clients. This success helps create Responsly platform.

I'm a former professional freestyle slalom skater. In 2010 I won the Polish Slalom Series. I was also a member of skating pro-teams: Seba Team and Powerslide ISC.

Want to talk? [email protected]