If you think about solving the world's problems, you can quickly come across a common solution. This will be education. When people are better educated, there are fewer conflicts and more great work done. Still, we're not making education a high priority and making it better.

Weirdly, we're not working on a universal education program. Every country is using their way of teaching the same things.

Fake news is a simple consequence of lousy education. We're now trying to fight misinformation worldwide, but the only reasonable solution is education. Well-educated people are immune to fake news and misinformation. Intelligent people will not tend to become an extremist. Intelligent people can talk instead of manifesting their beliefs.

I know that education will not give instant aid to people in need, but it's a future investment that will pay off for sure. I want to share my ideas about improving education.

Use simple words

There is some perception that educated people use complicated words. But in reality, they talk with simple words. They know that it's good for everyone if more people will understand. Many disciplines created unique words to simplify internal communication. They thought it would help them, but they forgot about people from outside. They build facades for new members. Disciplines with a stip learning curve will not grow as good as those easy to get into.

You can see it in finance. There are so many words for naming things that finance discipline appears difficult for most people. We don't want that. We want to make it easier for people to join the party.

Most important class - Communication

Logically, the most crucial subject in early education is the country's primary language. We need the knowledge to learn and communicate. We learn how to read, write, and communicate in that language. Sadly I think we struggle in that last element. Most people don't listen well in conversation and have a problem putting their thoughts in an easy-to-understand form.

In my home country of Poland, we emphasize learning the polish language in early education. We need to read a large number of books. Many of them are written in old or advanced form. We're learning how to interpret those books and poetry. The focus of this education is not set on achieving the best communication skills possible.

I see the resemblance of this issue with computer programming skills. Many great programmers know programming languages like the back of their pocket, but they need other people to use their skills. They know everything to build great things, but something is missing in their overall knowledge. Most of us know our primary language very well, but we're still struggling with good communication with others. There is much more than knowing your words and making a correct sentence. You need to listen and adjust what you're saying to your interlocutor. Learning your first language should also be connected with psychological concepts, which would be helpful in communication. Understanding the person, you're speaking to will bring your communication skills to the next level.

Schools should be organized like startups

There is much discussion about paying more to the teachers, so we'll have more qualified educators, but will it work? Do you see a professional who doesn't want to learn more, stop, and teach some basics to the kids? I think it's a conflict of interests. We want specialists to evolve their skills, work in business and create better things.

In the future education system, I don't see teachers as people well educated in topics like Maths, Biology, or any other subjects. I see them as project managers. The project is children's education. The teacher will use available educational materials to provide and verify knowledge. The main focus of the teacher will be managing children. Solve motivation problems, conflicts, and the general progress of the group.

Treat religion as sci-fi

Talking about education is also related to religion. Most people in the world are also put into some faith when young. Religion is a part of early education, shaping views about many topics. Those views are the reasons for many conflicts. Because faith is not transparent and cannot be proven by the scientific method, it's hard to debate views of the religion.

The solution to this problem is to treat religion as sci-fi. It can still be helpful to people, but it'll not compromise communication between the people. It'll not break the debate about important topics.